Monday, April 20, 2009

where are the sites????.

If you are a member of prosperbux, novobux, paymentptc, getpaidontime, vistabux, and stationAD, you may be wondering where are the sites??.

Yeah, i wonder too. Can we list them in the scam sites?. All of a sudden, the sites were unable to open or visit. Wrong URL or they were bought by someone else. The bottom line is, members cannot open the sites and get their money/earnings. Good for me i haven't invested too much money on those sites (though they are really high paying sites--can this be the evidence that they are scam sites?)

Well, so for those who are planning to register to those sites mentioned above, think again. Try to search for others who complain also regarding the unavailability of the sites.

For now, happy clicking for us! (for the real paying and not scam sites)


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