Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my adsense :)

i'll just show you my adsense earnings for less than a month..though this is so small compared to the others that can earn real big bucks because of adsense..

The technique here is to have more traffic in your sites so that there will be more clicks on the adsense ads. With this, adsense will pay you. So look for the sites that can increase your site traffic.



  1. Hi I can hardly see your stats but i'm sure they are good. I tried the click to get paid about 6 months ago and I really could not deal with it. I'm not a big fan of it. But I'm not knocking it.
    I just would like to know more about getting more traffic to my website or my blog and I would love to learn about this adsense. I tried to integrate it on my blog but I keep getting an error code. As you can tell I'm fairly new the IM world. My website is and my blog is the same. Could help me with that. thanks in advance.

    Yvette Pinn

  2. I forgot to mention Your Page is awesome how do you do that I have just about read everything on here. It's very informative. Does it take long to acquire this skill? And how do I develop my own? If you went to my blog it is boring. But I just started.

    Yvette (Uturn)